Cristal and the Fellowship of the Vinegar
UX/UI Design
Content Creation
Wordpress Branded Website
WooCommerce Ecommerce Solution
Cristal is a Portuguese vinegar brand created in 1939. Recently, it was rebranded with a freshly updated positioning and a new range of premium products.
The Challenge

We were invited by the branding and advertising agency - Judas - to distil the new Cristal brand into a new website and online store.

The Process

From day one, everybody loved the new Cristal brand.

Judas' work does a great job of mixing the old and the new, while staying true to the brand story and narrative. A kind of fellowship emerged from EAE, Judas and the Cristal teams.  

We collaborated, discussed, talked and then talked some more, making sure that the Cristal vocabulary would grow appropriately and consistently in the digital space. And so, together, the fellowship made its way through the design, content and production processes.

The Solution

Technically, we created a Wordpress Branded Website with a WooCommerce Solution for the shopping features. Visually, we pushed the envelope harder.

Starting with the Homepage hero that was a special project by itself.  We designed it to impress the visitors, push the new Cristal brand, and also to make it clear that you can buy the Cristal products online.

It was an engineering challenge. We created a scrolling rainbow of flavours and floating bottles. Strategically, the interaction focuses on flavours, not products, to allow for future product developments. 

Following the new brand scheme, the colours change for every flavour. But the change is very smooth. In fact, the transition from one colour to another displays all the colours between them.

Also, did you notice the bottles are translucent? It’s an important issue for web design geeks.

You can find this kind of details throughout all the website in:
  • Playful and fluid navigation;
  • Parallax and other front end effects;
  • Angled corners on design objects - following the brand scheme, that required a combination of css coding and svg image format (again, geek stuff);
  • Branded, adaptable frames for all pictures.
We also had to become experts on vinegar, in order to create content to elaborate on:
  • The Mother of Vinegar - an essential component of the vinegar making process and Cristal’s new brand claim;
  • Vinegar Education - the features, uses and benefits proven by science. Beyond flavour, did you know that vinegar is especially beneficial for people with diabetes?
  • Portugueseness - Cristal is THE Portuguese vinegar made in Portugal with Portuguese ingredients.

The Results

Cristal’s new website expands its brand to the digital space in a fresh and unique way, with an added dimension of playful interaction.

The brand content shines with rich information and a proprietary tone of voice. The online store balances the brand’s unique visuals with a clean-cut shopping experience.

The products are beautifully displayed and stand out with surprising effects and animation, just like the overall user experience.

Here’s to the next 80 years of Cristal.