Design & Development
Digital Development
Building every technical detail
With our technical knowledge and 18 years of experience, we implement every detail, interaction, and workflow as thoughtfully as it was designed.

We gather technical requirements for your project and propose a solution architecture while spotting automation and optimisation opportunities.

Services & Solutions
  1. 1eCommerce solutions: Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce specialists
  2. 2Agile Development
  3. 3Responsive Websites and Platforms
  4. 4PHP Specialists, React Native, VUE JS, React, WP Specialists, Angular
  5. 5Open source CMS & frameworks
  6. 6Development teams Outsourcing
  7. 7DevOps
  8. 8Front End & Back End Development
  9. 9Metrics and analytics setup


Your solution architecture proposal includes: the appropriate technology stack, third party integrations, improvements to current systems and automation and optimisation opportunities.
We execute quickly and efficiently with agile development teams and short-term iterative rollouts. This allow on-the-fly adjustments based on user feedback.
We are team-players, used to work in fluid collaboration with your team and external service providers.
You can easily complement your project’s development process with a suite of creative services available at EAE.
Also Design & Development