Research & Strategy
Discovery & Exploration
Diving into your business, audience and goals
We start your project by understanding your business goals, customer needs and available technologies.

We immerse ourselves into your day-to-day through collaborative discovery activities that help us collect insights for the problem at hand.
Bonus: this also gets us in tune with your team.

Services & Solutions
  1. 1Product Discovery Workshop
  2. 2Design Thinking Workshop
  3. 3UX Consulting
  4. 4Code Audit & UX Audit
  5. 5Competitive Analysis
  6. 6User Journey Mapping
  7. 7Workshop Blueprint Map


This process unlocks insights, opportunities, and solutions that your team might not realize to be possible. Possibilities that are often better, or cheaper, than initially considered.
Proven design thinking methods - like observation, interviews, persona building and user journey mapping - ensure we empathize with your audience and build something that they care about.
By providing a context for the decisions that will happen during the project, we reduce mistakes, misunderstandings, and unnecessary functionalities.
This allows us to build informed hypothesis about where to focus the work: understanding the right problems and, consequently, creating the right solution.
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