Forward Thinking Cap
Forward Thinking Cap

What We Do and

What We Don't Do For You

EAE is an independent company.
We don't need to upsell or cross-sell you on things for the sake of group interests.
We DO want to create the best Work of our lives with inspiring clients
That's why we deal at eye level and play an open game.
Have you noticed that we always write Work with a capital W?
Work is sacred to us.
Forward Thinking Cap
Forward Thinking Cap
Research & Strategy
To create an effective solution we need to be in your shoes.
We work with your team to immerse ourselves in your business, study the subtleties of your competition and understand your current and future needs. We assess your technology options, and use design thinking to articulate clear problems and goals. That’s how we create a roadmap and a strategy for the execution - of your effective solution.
Design & Development
Design with development in mind. Code with the help of a designer. Keep track with dedicated project management.
Teamwork isn't just a buzzword in our book. It's how we overcome obstacles, achieve goals and find the solution that produces the best possible user experience with the least moving parts. That's how we create solutions with value.
Azza Fahmy
Marketing & Communication
How do you consistently show and tell your singular vision?
We work on the strategic and creative process of communicating what your business is all about. Not just to create your identity and clearly present your messages. Not just to inspire loyalty and brand recognition. But essentially, to find you new customers and generate sales for your business.

You Need Values to Guide You. Here Are Ours.

18 years of experience, commitment to quality in countless projects and the collective knowledge of our most senior team: that’s our definition of competence.
Be honest and communicate a lot. If you are honest clients trust you. And the more you communicate, the more time, money and headaches you save down the line.
We value long-term relationships over quick wins. If we are working on your project, we are on your team. That goes both ways: you are on our team too. Welcome.

Long-term relationships over quick-wins.