Portugal Contemporary Art Guide - the App
Information Structure and Architecture
App Design System
UX/UI Design & Writing
Mobile Website Development
Contemporânea Magazine - contemporanea.pt - is a publishing house dedicated to promoting contemporary art produced in Portugal.

They challenged us to create a key tool for discovering and experiencing contemporary art in the country: a location-based mobile app targeted at art explorers, artists, critics, curators, field professionals, students and tourists looking for cultural activities.

The project is supported by the national Directorate-General for Arts (DGArtes), within the Portuguese Network of Contemporary Art (RPAC).

Inside the App

The Portugal Contemporary Art Guide mobile app - as the name implies - is THE event calendar, guide and map of the contemporary artistic production in Portugal. Its content is created and curated by Contemporânea Magazine.
The app allows you to: 

1. Find Contemporary Artists, Museums and RPAC spaces in Portugal
2. Check out what’s going on right now in an updated Agenda
3. Learn about Opening and Ending Dates
4. Follow your favourite Artists and discover new ones
5. Get notified about what matters most to you
6. Save your favourite Exhibitions and Collections for quick access
7. Get first-hand access to Contemporânea’s exclusive editorial content

Besides gathering detailed information about artists, exhibitions and collections, it also includes the various exhibition facilities, such as museums, galleries, public and private collections, foundations, biennials and independent non-profit spaces.

The Design Process

We teamed up with our client team and external creative director - José Soveral to make it all happen. Then we:

1. Started by creating User Journeys - to understand how our users interact with the app;
2. Created an early prototype - to validate the app concept and secure the supporters' investment;
3. Developed a modular and minimalist design system - that allows the content to stand out and shine;
4. And finally designed the final UX and UI for all app screens.

Under the Hood

The App was developed using the Flutter framework combined with EAE’s proprietary back office - and completed with specific features like: 

· The map and location Integration - that allows interaction with useful “nearby” content;
· The robust push notifications system - for updating users about their favorite artists and collections;
· The dedicated section for editorial content from Contemporânea Magazine.

The Result

Since its foundation in 2015, Contemporânea has been creating a space for critical thought and promoting reflection on contemporary art practices and their integration within a global context.

Now Contemporânea reinforces its critical role by offering a bilingual, free app that maps contemporary art at a national level and works as an agenda, guide and map.

Get the free app:

For iOS at App Store
For Android at Google Play Store