What We Do
and What We Don’t Do

EAE is an independent company.
We don’t need to upsell or cross-sell you on things for the sake of group interests.
We DO want to create the best Work of our lives with inspiring clients.
That’s why we deal at eye level and play an open game.
Have you noticed that we always write Work with a capital W?
Work is sacred to us.

  • Services & Platforms:

    Bespoke solutions for a digital-led economy.

    We develop beautiful interfaces, meaningful interactions and solid systems connecting audiences with brands, products and services. We craft ambitious projects that live at the intersection of creativity, business value and technology.

  • eCommerce:

    Creating customer experiences that convert.

    We build, run and enhance eCommerce-Systems that allow your business to compete in the market, represent your brand and make it easy for your customers to hit that buy-button.

  • Agency Services:

    Your SWOT team when it comes to pixels and code.

    Whether it be a campaign website, browser game or application: prestigious agencies rely on our ability to deliver on time and budget. By enhancing their in-house competences and capacity, we have become a competitive advantage and well-kept secret.

You Need Values to Guide You.
Here Are Ours.

  • Competence

    18 years of experience, commitment to quality in countless projects and the collective knowledge of our mostly senior team: that’s our definition of competence.

  • Honesty

    Be honest and communicate a lot. If you are honest clients trust you. And the more you communicate, the more time, money and headaches you save down the line.

  • Loyalty

    We value long-term relationships over quick wins. If we are working on your project, we are on your team. That goes both ways: you are on our team too. Welcome.

We're working.